Today we left bright and early from our cozy room at the La Quinta in Farmington, and headed on out on the road to Durango, Colorado.

A perfect day was planned ahead for us. Stop at Navajo Dam, eat a picnic, and have a leisurely drive to Durango. Of course there were high expectations yet again, and more grumpy people arose from that. Nearly at Navajo Lake state park we realized we did not have any food for lunch. Driving back to town we stopped at some gas station stores that had nothing but some ancient hamburgers with soggy cheese, and chips. While browsing we came to the idea that we might be better off eating at a restaurant. I took a quick peek into the Sportsman Cafe, which was a dark, empty room. Their salads were a whopping $10. No wonder the only people there were eating nothing but a large platter of chips and salsa.

It was mentioned to us by a lady I. One of the shoppes along the way, that there was a new restaurant that had opened down the street. Hungry, unhappy, and desperate we drove down the road to a very happening atmosphere amongst this tiny fishing town. The name of this small oasis was Back Cast cafe. The day we happened to be there, there was a very large group of thirty fishermen. They also have a fly shop that is fully stocked with Orvis fishing gear.

The food was the best we’d had so far. I had ordered the Grilled Romaine Cesar. Yes, the lettuce is grilled to a charred black at the tips but it’s really good. If you’re not one for bunt lettuce but prefer a traditional Cesar then don’t order that. It is very tasty if you’re up for it. http://www.fisheadsofthesanjuan.com/navajo-dam-restaurant/

Up after we got back on the road we drove to a spot by the San Juan river to set up base. It’s a nice place to relax and paint, read, fish, or just enjoy the view. There are also docks in the pull outs along the river where you can get your boat in the water. This area is for protected fishing (gotta let the fish live) but is known worldwide for its great fishing, and large fish. If your into fishing definitely would take a look at this area. Since it started raining, and lightning we had to head on out. The lake is quite large, and there were a lot of house boats out on it.


FINALLY in Durango we get to our cozy motel called La Siesta. It’s comfortable, it’s retro, and there’s a coffee shop right next door.

If in the mood once you arrive I definitely recommend trying out Steamworks Brewery. Man, is that place the place to be! They have your basic brewery food. Although the ram and I shard a large pizza. Let me say my pizza craving has most certainly been satisfied. There was about a thirty minute wait but you can enjoy a beer while you wait around. Here’s their website: http://steamworksbrewing.com

and here’s a quick pic of the interior, only a small section of it though. The place is pretty big!


Auvoir, and Bon Voyage!!


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